At the core of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture is the concept of the “Well Visit.”  A well visit means when you come to see us at Catch a Fish Acupuncture & Wellness you have no aches or pains or discomfort to relay to us.  You’re probably feeling good or hopefully even feeling GREAT!

This is the goal of the wellness care model and how Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture was practiced thousands of years ago. We have to remember that if the body became too ill for natural intervention there was not much success in the surgical skills of that era and infection was rampant and killed people in mass. Thus the practitioners of the time had to master the best ways to heal people naturally. And naturally means early intervention.

The village acupuncturist would live a few doors down for you and would provide a constant reminder on how to live and be well.  What foods to eat, to bundle up and stay warm during a sudden change in weather, eating in the season and maintaining harmony in the body systems and with your family and friends.

The first intervention the village acupuncturist would try is dietary recommendations and relationship counsel.  If the patient had been stewing in anger and resentment for months the quickest way to health is to fix the relationships.  Mind you, this was not psychotherapy it was more a Confucian spin on honoring your elders and keep the order.  Also if the patient had a habit of eating too many foods that were weakening his/her constitution then the quickest way to health is to alter the diet.  Only then after these initial things were tried would the herbs and acupuncture be administered.  We also have to remember that acupuncture back then used archaic needles and NOT the hair thin painless ones we use today.

The one thing that we’ll investigate during your Well Visit is how is the flow of blood and Qi are moving in your body.  In Chinese Medicine health is defined as: “Highly nutritious and highly oxygenated blood flowing freely throughout the body.”  Thus during the Well Visit small tweeks are made to a Well Patient’s lifestyle and diet and areas that may be slowing down are restored.  This is the easiest way to keep well.  You’ll receive an array of treatments depending on what we find or how your body is progressing after graduating from your start as a Sick Patient.

Here at Catch a Fish Acupuncture & Wellness we specialize in Acupuncture, Massage (both Shiatsu and Tui Na), Herbs, Life Style Adjustments, and Dietary Therapy.



“Brian’s work as a Shiatsu massage therapist is second-to-none. I myself am an acupuncturist and I have received body work from almost a dozen practitioners before. I was very impressed with Brian’s level of professionalism and skill during the session. Immediately, I could tell that Brian knew what he was doing. I felt great throughout the session and in the days after the session. I have scheduled with him several times since, and I have always been glad I did. I recommend Brian’s shiatsu services without reservation.”