Longevity.  Everyone wants to have it but most people think it’s some nebulous time way far down the road.  Not only that but the information out there on how to get longevity is way far off the mark.

We have news for everyone. If you’re over 65 we need to get started today with massive action and change.  If you’re around 50 your health needs top priority.  If you’re around 35 it’s time to think about it and not put it off another year.

Coincidently, 35 is the age when people start to seek our help at Catch a Fish Acupuncture and Wellness.  According to the Classics of Chinese Medicine at the age or 35 (for Women) and the age of 40 (for Men) the body’s energy/Qi start to degrade and decline.  The most common anecdote we hear is, “When I was in college I could push the limits and go out on the town and feel great the next day.  Since turning 35 I’m still not back to my normal self even 3 days later.”  In addition, at age 45-50 we see our patients try to start some physical feat of endurance by joining a Cross Fit or suddenly take up Marathon Running. Or at the age of retirement playing sports as if they’re a resurgent 20 something. If you have a really really strong constitution this is an ok idea but for most it’s a mistake.  To get an idea of what we should be doing follow the people that live to be 100 the most.  These geographical locations are called “Blue Zones.”  What are they doing for exercise?  Walking.  LOTS of it.  So instead of trying to lift that 80# tire or toss a 10# ball think how you can  move the most today all day long in small ways.  We’ll go over your movement stats and see how we can tweek you more toward longevity.

Chinese Medical Pulse reading is a great diagnostic tool that was developed over thousands of years.  And what this gives us, as practitioners, is insight into the vitality and blood flow of the organ systems.  What seems to make a HUGE impact on both the pulse and subjective reporting by the patient is walking and moving more all day long.  During your initial intake appointment with Brian, he’ll read your pulse and see where you are in regards to all of your organ systems and give you ways to feel and be at your best.

Growing older is not doom and gloom but it’s a marker in one’s growth as a human on planet Earth. Nothing lasts forever, spring eventually moves toward fall and if we’re to have longevity and joy and booming energy we need to honor the progression of life.  In America, we tend to view life as something to dominate and say, “I’m going to fight old age with every ounce of my being.”  And how’s that working for us?  Most of the 40 and 50 year olds that come in to CAF are dead tired, they have depleted systems on all fronts.  Aches and pains every day.  Slow, low or non existent libido. Headaches…bad gassy digestion with reflux…LOUD ringing Tinnitus of the ears…migraines…4-8 cups of coffee a day just to keep it all together. Terrible INSOMNIA and sleep but 2 hours at a stretch. Cranky and irate. Anxious and worried. We’re here to let you know it does NOT have to be like this.  A normal healthy body should be able to get 7 hours of straight sleep, your libido should be strong, your digestion should be healthy with a bowel movement daily and pains should come and then go away.

What the Classics of Chinese Medicine tell us is that our body is the greatest tool we use in this life and to honor it’s ebbs and flows and trust the natural laws of how things work we’ll live a long and healthy and JOYOUS life.

To determine if you’re a good candidate for acupuncture please schedule your first treatment today and we’ll determine how effective acupuncture will be for you. To schedule call our office at: (703) -278-2271 during regular business hours or send an email anytime (we typically respond within 1-4 hours): admin@catchafishLLC.com

We look forward to getting to know you and show you how to catch your own fish toward feeling better

*Disclaimer: Results may vary.

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