Thank you for visiting Catch a Fish Acupuncture & Wellness conveniently located in Herndon VA near the intersection of Fairfax County Parkway and Elden Street.  We’re a relaxed clinic that listens first then provides the best and most effective therapies for your body and mind. We take our time to understand you as person and tailor each treatment to your individual needs.  Over the last 23 years we have discovered what holistic modalities synergize. We help primary symptoms quickly and your top 5 health concerns over time.  View our testimonials to see what our patients say about Catch a Fish and get started TODAY!

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Unsure about Acupuncture or wondering if it even works?

We hear this all the time and welcome you to schedule a FREE consultation with our highly skilled practitioner Brian Wah, LAc. and experience what Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is all about. Acupuncture, like all conventional and alternative therapies, is not effective on everyone.  During your consultation we’ll give you a Chinese Medicine diagnosis and discover what we can help you with and what we can not.  Each evaluation takes 15-30 mins per appointment. Call or Text us: (703) 278-2271 or email: .   Please call or text to make an appointment. “Walk-in” appointments are not available. 

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