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  • Acupuncture TestimonialI was browsing the internal website at work when I decided to open my mind and give alternative medicine a chance with my chronic health condition. Brian Wah/To Catch a Fish was on the list of suggested practitioners. This was almost a year ago and I’ve been seeing Brian every 4-6 weeks since then.
    Brian is very knowledgeable; he explained his methodology in very clear, commonsensical terms during my first visit. After my first session, I already noticed an improvement when I walked out of his office. During subsequent sessions, he continued to suggest practical exercises that I can do in between visits to augment his treatments.
    Brian starts each session by patiently listening to how you feel and ends it by getting immediate feedback. He has been a great health coach in my healing process. He is very sensitive to the treatments I already undergo with my medical doctors and does not contradict them; instead he carefully offers suggestions for me to try for my overall well-being.
    I’m quite convinced that Brian Wah is a master at what he knows and does. He has always been on point speaking from personal experience. I highly recommend him without reservation. (Reposted from our Linkedin profile)
  • Screen shot 2015-11-02 at 5.26.19 PMBrian helped me heal from an injury I feared I would never understand or overcome. When  I first came to Catch A Fish for treatment, I was barely able to perform even every day tasks due to a severely  immobilized spine. I was terrified - other practitioners (including  spine specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other alternatives) had given up on how to help me.   Brian saw my case as a puzzle and was determined to  try to solve it. Not only did his acupuncture and shiatsu treatments offer direct and dramatic relief from pain with lasting effect, but he helped me recognize and understand the root causes of the problem as well as strategies for self-care. Now I am back to being able to do all the things I love to do – including dancing and hiking!. Brian is a true healer, and I am so thankful for his treatment and care. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.
  • I’m an Office Manager and I often have stressful days. My workload was heavy one day and triggered a migraine and I could not afford to take time off. I had been told by a co-worker about Catch a Fish Acupuncture & Wellness. I was skeptical at first but felt I had nothing to lose. Surprisingly, the session took my migraine away and I was able to complete my work.
  • profile photoBrian’s accupressure massage is fantastic. He is very sensitive to where you need deep work & where you need tender care. I always feel like he improves acute symptoms (that I request him to work on) and I feel very balanced and grounded afterwards for several days. I have been getting treatments from Brian for 7+ years now- I used to be a bodyworker myself-20 years ago, have experienced massages from many practitioners over the years, and I feel Brian is one of the best! (Reposted from our Linkedin profile)
  • Acupuncture TestimonialBrian’s work has been life-changing for me and my family. The work he does is truly amazing. I highly recommend Brian. (Reposted from our Linkedin profile)
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