Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most stubborn chronic pain syndromes we treat effectively.  The easy cases we never see as 85% of Plantar Fasciitis cases will heal on their own with rest and taking it easy for a few weeks.  Of the 15% of cases that do not heal on their own they go down the path of extensive Physical Therapy, Cortisone Injections, Pain Killers, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Pain Clinic Specialists, Podiatrist, Acupuncture, Painful Dry Needling, odd contraptions for the feet and legs to wear at night, rest, ice, heat….  Our patients have tried it all.

Unless you have experienced Plantar Fasciitis it’s hard to imagine how something that’s not broken could be so painful.  The problem with this condition is that most people think it’s a minor issue that will resolve itself and they continue to play sports or run/exercise at full pace.  As they continue to play and exercise the condition gets worse to the point where even taking one step is as painful as stepping onto shards of glass.  Most of our patients with this condition come to us sedentary for about 6 months or more.

The reason we’re able to get to the root of this condition is our multidisciplinary approach.  We attack this condition with Acupuncture, Massage, Herbology and movement practices.  The patients that see us are usually in the 15% that have tried everything in stand alone treatments.  We give all the modalities at one time.

If we can make an impact on your Plantar Fasciitis we’ll see the pain reduction after the first week and continue the healing week after week with your feet feeling better and better.  Our most stubborn case took around 3 months to totally resolve.  Some cases we can not help and we’ll know that after the second week of treatment.

To give you an idea of what our typical Chronic Pain patient looks like we’ll list a few examples below.  (Click here to see video or written testimonials.)

Acupuncture Testimonial“I have been a client of Brian’s for almost five years. I began a skeptic, having tried many other alternatives, but the change his therapy has made in my life has been almost miraculous. My doctors agree. When I first went to Brian, I suffered for thirty years from chronic pain caused by a Reactive Arthritis (RA), and existed on NSAIDs. Today, I am predominately pain-free and off the NSAIDs. Over the past four years, I have lost 48 pounds and I am still progressing toward my final goal without gaining any of it back—a first. My words aren’t enough to express the positive changes in my life due to Brian and his therapies. I highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to improve the quality of their life.”  

*Disclaimer: Results may vary.

Pain Level #9-10: “Wilson” came in with burning feet that pretty much stopped all activity in his life.  Prior to his bout with Plantar Fasciitis he was an active tennis player, biker, and rock climber. One morning about a year and a half ago he woke up and his foot felt “tight” and when he placed it on the hard floor it sent a shock and a tingle all over the sole of his foot.  He thought it was odd and maybe he had worked out too much or too long the day before.  The day progressed and it felt fine.  As the weeks went by the pain did not go away but become more frequent and intense becoming more burning and now was not only present in the morning hours but also during day and anytime he took a step.  Wilson went his general practitioner and they sent him to a specialist who gave him several cortisone shots over the course of a few months.  He was also prescribed a few months of Physical Therapy.  The pain did not change and grew more aggravated and intense.  He was growing depressed as all of his sports and physical activities were taken out of his life.  Over the next few months he would try Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Painful Dry Needling without change to his condition.  His friend told him about Catch a Fish Acupuncture and he gave us a call.   

Pain Level #4-6: “Jen” came to see us after a year of off and on Plantar Fasciitis pain.  Her job requires her to be on her feet for most of the work day.  The pain gradually grew after an intense few weeks at work and made an appointment with her general practitioner.  She received cortisone shots and a few months of Physical Therapy.  Not much change to her pain.  Her neighbor told her about Catch a Fish Acupuncture and gave us a try.  

To determine if you’re a good candidate for acupuncture please schedule your first treatment today and we’ll determine how effective acupuncture will be for you. To schedule call our office at: (703) 867-6323 during regular business hours or send an email anytime (we typically respond within 1-4 hours):

We look forward to getting to know you and show you how to catch your own fish toward feeling better!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary.

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