bwah close up hresWe would like to introduce you to your practitioner Brian Wah, LAc, MAc, DiplAc, NCCAOM.   He is the primary acupuncturist at Catch a Fish Acupuncture and Wellness and has been passionately studying with the most effective master practitioners for over 23 years. Brian is often asked how old he is because of his youthful look and EVERY patient is stunned when he says 52.  Brian has been meditating every day since he was 16 years old and believes getting regular treatment, meditation, strong family ties and loving relationships keep everyone youthful. He feels incredibly blessed to work with such a great group of patients and looks forward to doing this work each and every day.  Longevity and a joy filled life is our deepest hope for you and all of our patients.  If you’ve read our testimonials or know people who have come to us our pride is getting to know each and every patient personally. You’ll never be another number here at Catch a Fish.

As a small business owner and a father to three young children Brian understands the demands of a modern day busy life and skillfully adapts ancient wellness practices to the modern life style. Brian’s philosophy is small changes every day to make large impacts over time.

Brian began his journey into Traditional Asian Medicine studying Acupressure (also known as Shiatsu) at a local school then finding the most renowned master of the art and studying for the next 7 years with Pauline Sasaki (passed on September 8, 2010).  The most challenging skill to learn is how to read the human body.  How does pressing on a part interconnect and relate to the whole of the body. How does pressure, tempo and intensity effect the rate of healing and reaction. Modern acupuncture schools have forgotten the importance of touch and how to perform effective massage treatments.  In the schools of ancient times massage treatment was an integral and complete system of treatment and healing the body.  Thus whether you were a practitioner of massage or acupuncture or herbology you were deemed a complete practitioner.  Brian has seen that certain disorders and certain patients respond better to different modalities.

From that point Brian took his sensitivity and knowledge of the human body into the arts of Acupuncture and Herbology.  Acupuncture sends a faster message to the body to send blood flow and healing than a finger and provides the ability to help more patients at a time for certain disorders.  Herbology gives the ability to send the message to increase blood flow and heal three times a day for even faster healing for certain disorders.  Brian is trained in multiple Asian Massage Techniques (Specializing in Shiatsu and Chinese Orthopedic Massage), and multiple Acupuncture techniques that give both fast results and deep attention to the weaknesses of the body.  In addition, Brian practices a few systems of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

If you’re “NEW” to Acupuncture & Complementary Medicine click “Acupuncture & Complementary Medicine Newbie.” If you’re familiar with Acupuncture & Complementary Medicine click “Let’s Get Started With Acupuncture!” Now take a deep breath and dive in. We’re here to help you every step of the way!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary.

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