Asian Orthopedic Massage

Massage @ Catch a Fish Acupuncture and Wellness.

Asian Orthopedic Massage originates from China and is one of the main treatments a surgeon performs on their patient to avoid surgery.  What’s unique about China is the actual surgeon is also an expert at massage! 

The massage is performed with the patient fully clothed and uses a series of more then 16 different pressing, compression, rolling and pulling techniques to ease, relax and promote blood flow.

While this form of massage is relaxing it’s goal is much different then a massage at a Spa. Spa massage is for zoning out and feeling pampered.  Asian Orthopedic Massage may at times be challenging however the massage should NOT be painful.  We preface this by saying at “Catch a Fish” our Orthopedic Massage should not be painful.  If you goto China it’s a different story.  🙂

Shiatsu Therapy – Touching the Heart

shiatsu3-squareShiatsu is the healing art we hold most dear to our heart.  It was the first modality of healing that embarked us on finding exactly what is the meaning and depth of healing a person and what exactly “healing” even means.  Is healing the vanishing of symptoms so they no longer plague us every day? Or is healing something much deeper that touches us to our core where we are no longer the same person living in the same trajectory of life? 

After 23 years of practice we can help many pains heal quickly.  Kick out a cold, make a flu go away faster, cure a stomach ailment that’s been around for years. However, even though the ailment is cured the fundamental person that sits before us is the same. Shiatsu brings forth something much deeper.  Something that hopes to ignite a deeper looking at ourselves and how we are living to bring us more Love, more Joy, more Openness. It poses the question: “Are we fulfilling our destiny?”

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