If you’re thinking about trying Acupuncture for your digestive disorders you are not alone!  Digestive disorders are the second most common reason people come to us at Catch a Fish Acupuncture & Wellness. It’s not a surprising statistic considering Nexium is the 4th most prescribed medication in America amounting to 15.2 million prescriptions per month.

Our typical patient has undergone numerous exams including: endoscopy, colonoscopy, CT scans and MRIs.  These patients have done hours of website reading on how to eat, what medical grade probiotics to ingest, spent small fortunes on supplements and tried numerous diets from the raw diet to the paleo diet without effect.  At Catch a Fish Acupuncture & Wellness we work with numerous disorders from slight bloating, gas and acid reflux after eating to more complex conditions such as IBS, Crohn’s Disease, and GERD.

What generally happens after a digestive issue is diagnosed a plethora of medications are prescribed but there’s really not an effective Conventional Medical treatment that solves the root issues. This means when a patient goes off the medication the same disorder appears.  These patients seek our care at Catch a Fish because they want to heal the digestive system not just cover up the symptoms.  In addition, some of our patients are getting relief from medication but are worried about the long term effects of taking proton pump inhibitors on their heart and looking for a natural alternative.

At Catch a Fish Acupuncture & Wellness our aim is to approach the problem on three levels. The first, of course, is diet.  We do not have a standard diet that lumps all people with digestive disorders into one group.  Rather, we treat the underlying deficiencies and excesses of the entire body through the lens of Chinese Medicine and that in turn corrects the digestive system.  Thus, two people can have the same Conventional Medicine diagnosis yet they will be viewed differently from a Chinese Medicine point of view. The second approach is lifestyle. Many people forget how to eat properly.  At Catch A Fish Acupuncture & Wellness we teach our patients how to eat in accordance with the natural laws of their body.  The third approach is Acupuncture, Massage and Herbs.  These help to correct the imbalance that the patient’s nervous system has created so the entire system can begin to heal.  Over the course of treatment most patients begin to feel better.  Not only will the symptoms diminish but our patients have a keen sense of what way of eating works for their body.  Chinese medicine is not a one size fits all therapy.  We taylor it for each person.

Below are a few examples of the type of patients we work with.  (Click here to see video or written testimonials.)

Discomfort Level #8-9:  “Jen” is a middle aged corporate executive.  She went through a highly stressful period a few years ago and ever since then her digestion has been awful.  Jen went through the usual procedures of getting an endoscopy and an MRI.  She’s seen numerous specialists and  tried to take Nexium but it didn’t resolve the problem.  At times, it’s become so bothersome that she grew worried and fearful of eating.  Jen no longer loves to eat out with friends and the variety of foods she can eat without symptoms has grown smaller and smaller. She’s also experienced drops in her energy level and her stamina and wonders if her ability to absorb nutrients has been effected.  She found Catch a Fish Wellness through a web search and hoped to get a little relief from her symptoms.

Discomfort Level #2-6:  “Jackie” is mom of 3 kids and has been dealing with digestive issues for years.  It started out as mild bloating and gas but grew to stomach cramping and pain.  It seems to come and go and she has seen numerous specialist without resolution. Jackie use to love to eat out and try the latest restaurants on her date nights with her husband.  She would also love to travel but is afraid of how she’ll deal with any foreign cuisine. Jackie found Catch a Fish Wellness through her best friend who was getting treatment at that time and hopes to find the solution of her disorder.

To determine if you’re a good candidate for acupuncture please schedule your first treatment today and we’ll determine how effective acupuncture will be for you. To schedule call our office at: (703) -278-2271 during regular business hours or send an email anytime (we typically respond within 1-4 hours): admin@catchafishLLC.com

We look forward to getting to know you and show you how to catch your own fish toward feeling better!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary.

Testimonial“I woke up in the morning with excruciating stomach pain. I spent the morning trying to relieve the pain (warm tea, very light meals, etc) with no relief. I called Catch A Fish for a treatment and by mid session, I began to experience relief which remained for the night. I did wake up the next morning with some slight discomfort that later went away with no further problems.”

 *Disclaimer: Results may vary.

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