I started going to Catch a Fish after a horseback riding injury that left me with chronic shoulder pain. Brian has not only eradicated my pain, but has also given me better movement in my shoulders. This has allowed me to ride better and place higher in my competitions.  Brian has also helped me in tackling my anxiety, which has plagued me my entire life.
Brian has a very special way about him. He is extremely conscientious and empathetic. It is rare to find someone that truly listens and Brian is one of those people. Often, people with anxiety or depression do not feel heard or understood, but Brian helps me feel better each time I see him. Because of his skill, he is able to get to the root of my anxieties and not only work to overcome it through acupuncture, but also through advising other life skills such as meditation, diet, and other coping strategies.
I really could not recommend Catch a Fish enough. He is a master of his craft and truly cares about his clients. Brian has changed my life for the better and I do not know what I would do without him.